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In this list you'll find 2 Proprietary Shapr3D alternatives. You can also filter Shapr3D alternatives by Windows , macOS , Linux , Android , iOS , Web and BSD platforms. In total, people have suggested 12 alternatives to Shapr3D.


With ArchiCAD you can work smarter, not harder.  It's a CAD software that allow you to design and deliver projects of any size utilizing a suite of built-in tools and user-friendly interface that make it the most efficient and intuitive BIM software on the market.  Featuring out-of-the-box design documentation, one-click publishing, photo-realistic rendering, and best-in-class analysis. Archicad lets you focus on what you do best: design great buildings.

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Leopoly is a CAD software for 3D and VR design with fully customizable, industry-leading digital landscapes that are easy to use for a variety of projects. It provides sophisticated, intuitive tool that opens new doors to 3D design for everyone from corporate professionals to novice designers.


Shapr3D is the leading mobile 3D design and CAD application. The application can be used to model CAD files on-the-go with your iPad and Apple Pencil or stationary in front on your macOS-powered laptop or desktop.

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