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WordPress WordPress

WordPress powers roughly 30% of all web pages online. It's a free and open source CMS designed and developed for self-hosted publishing by Automattic, Inc. The software is written in PHP and utilize either MySQL or MariaDB as a database, and is compatible with most web hosts. Wordpress includes a plugin architecture and a templating system that can be used to extend and customize your website. These are commonly known as WordPress plugins and WordPress themes and make up a whole open source and commercial eco-system where anyone is free to create products for the platform. 

PhoneRocket PhoneRocket

Choosing which new cell phone to purchase can be a troublesome choice.

Zite Zite

Zite is a free to use world’s leading magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read.

Feedly Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregatior application that allows you keep up-to-date with topics and trends that you care about. Feedly can assist you when researching current events as the application allows you to better organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites. With the use of RSS, Feedly formats the content for easy reading from all of your saved sources and notify you when fresh content is released.

Flipboard Flipboard

Flipboard is a news and social network aggregator. The application allows you to create your own personal magazine of news stories and posts and shares from friends on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Customize your Flipboard to include your favorite news sources, people and topics.

Nooshub Nooshub

The app that unclutters the daily news jungle. With Nooshub, you can make sense of the news stream thanks to algorithms that find similar articles in your rss feeds. Especially for news feeds with a high rate of new articles this helps to discover important content and lets you read about a topic from different sources.

Reeder Reeder

A news reader specifically built and designed for the Apple eco-system. Reeder support for various sync services, allowing you to get the latest news articles in a easily readable format to you Mac or iOS device.


RSSOwl is a powerful RSS application that can help you organize, search and read all your news feeds in a comfortable way. RSS Owl is released as open-source software and can be downloaded and used for free, without limitations. With RSS Owl it's easy to stay on-top of the latest news and information that you like. All feeds can be categorized with labels and articles can be saved individually, and when new content in your feed is released RSS Owl automatically notify you through its notification system. RSS Owl is developed as a cross-platform software and runs on all major platforms including macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Inoreader Inoreader

With Inoreader, content comes to you, the minute it's available. It allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, Twitter searches, Facebook pages, even email newsletters. Inoreader is avalible for your mobile Android and iOS device and as a web-based application avalible in any browser.

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