Pay What You Want Software

This list contains 17 Pay What You Want Software.

Elementary OS Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a neat and coherent, free and open source operating system based on the Linux distribution Ubuntu. The simplicity of Elementary OS makes it a perfect choice for people switching from other popular operating systems such as macOS or Windows. Elementary OS is a feature complete operating system that comes with its own desktop environment called Pantheon and custom built, pre-installed utility applications such as Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Terminal, Files, and more.

ProtonMail ProtonMail

World's largest secure email service providing end-to-end encrypted email accounts. ProtonMail is based in Geneva, Switzerland and protected by Swiss privacy laws. The software is openly developed with fully open source code.

Freight Management Software Freight Management Software

The process of moving freight from source to destination via air, rail, water, or road transportation efficiently is known as freight management. Complete freight management requires a business to have logistics and supply chain experts, infrastructure like warehouses & distribution centres, and freight management software for managing movement of freight. A simple definition of freight management is executing and monitoring the transportation of goods/freight from one place to another. In this competitive age, safe and timely delivery of goods has become one of the major reasons for a business to achieve customer satisfaction. Integrating freight management software helps in attaining this goal without letting a business to compromise with the cost. In fact, it reduces the freight management costs and facilitates real-time tracking of the goods. With such software, you can forget about hiring huge resources for looking after different operations involved in freight management. Once you integrate freight rate management software, you can contact freight forwarders/shipping lines, procure freight rates, initiate transportation of goods, and monitor other freight management activities from a single dashboard. The software renders end-to-end management of your freight, resulting in on-time and damage-free deliveries. A full-fledged freight management software also helps in avoiding demurrages, detention, and other incidental charges by sending timely alerts for the deadlines for completion of different activities. The only thing that requires your utmost attention is to find a reliable freight management software provider. Choose the one carefully to get the best freight software for your business.

Zoom Zoom

Zoom is a commercial video and web conferencing software that can be used for webinars or team collaboration and communication. The software is developed by the Chinese and American company Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Zoom provides a cloud platform that is used and loved by many enterprises and fortune 500 companies, due to the easy-of-use and infrastructure-less nature of the platform.

Humble Bundle Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle sells games, books and software as bundles. It provides cheap and pay-what-you-want bundles of products, where some of the earnings goes to charity. To date, Humble Bundle has given over $195,000,000 to charity.


Trello Trello

With Trello you can orginaize anything with anyone. Trello is a web-based kanban list-making and collaboration tool. Over 35 million registered users use Trello to organize their project across teams, at work, at home or elsewhere.

RecruitBPM RecruitBPM

Founded in 2012, RecruitBPM is focused on building staffing & recruiting solutions that are needed in the 21 st century. As one of the best ATS & CRM software, RecruitBPM connects applicants to a dynamic network of employers, workplaces, and ideas.

Airtable Airtable

Airtable is a cloud collaboration software that is part spreadsheet and part database. With Airtable, teams can orginaize their work, their own way utilizing powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping viewed in different ways including grid view, gallery view, kanban view and calendar view on the web or on a mobile device. Airtable also integrates with many popular third-party software and provides a robust API that can be used to access your content programatically.

Insomnia Insomnia

With Insomnia you can design, debug and deploy APIs. Insomnia is free API design platform and REST Client developed for macOS, Linux and Window. The application makes it easy to create and group requests, specify environment variables, authentication and generate code snippets. You can also get all the details on responses. View the whole request timeline, status codes, body, headers, cookies and much more. The software also makes it easy to orginize your projects with workspaces, folders, environments, drag-and-drop requests, and easily import and export your data. Insomnia integrates with API gateways such as the Kong API Gateway, and Kong for Kubernetes. While Insomnia comes with a free-forever license, the software provides premium monthly subscriptions for E2EE data sync and advanced collaboration features.

Google Photos Google Photos

Back up unlimited photos and videos for free, up to 16MP and 1080p HD with Google Photos. The application and service is provided by Google and works on your phone, tablet or computer.

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