AdonisJS is a Node.js web framework designed for building micro-services with JavaScript and Typescript. The framework provides an elegant syntax and and the tools that gives developers the confidence to build structured projects at scale. AdonisJS also includes its own ORM called Lucid, which is an implementation of Active Record, written in JavaScript. The framework will make anyone coming from Laravel or Ruby on Rails to feel right at home in the JavaScript eco-system.

Pros & Cons of AdonisJS

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AdonisJS provides easy yet powerful validation rules

Validation and sanitization is an important part of creating a secure application that generates correct data according to its models. With AdonisJS it's simple to validate and sanitize data from the incoming requests both manually and at the route level.

Randy Clark Randy Clark 4 months ago
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Small community with limited resources

The AdonisJS community is extremely helpful but lack in numbers and available resources, such as tutorials, guides and courses.

Randy Clark Randy Clark 2 months ago
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Solid project structure

AdonisJS provides a sane project structure where each file has it's place. This structure allow me to focus on building my application, rather than structuring it.

Randy Clark Randy Clark 2 months ago

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