Angular Alternatives

Angular Alternatives

Angular is a TypeScript-based free and open source platform and web application framework. The framework developed and released by the community and the Angular Team at Google. Angular is a is a complete rewrite of AngularJS.

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According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to Angular is Svelte which is both free and open source. Other highly recommended applications include React (Free) , Vue.js (Free) and Aurelia .
In total people have suggested 14 alternatives to Angular that share similarities by use case and feature set.


Svelte introduces a radical new approach to building user interfaces with JavaScript. It is a compile-based component framework that builds efficient code that updates the DOM. Where most traditional frontend JavaScript framework does most of their work in the browser, Svelte includes that work in the compilation process when you build your app. This creates a smaller app which ultimately leads to faster load times and a better experience for the end-user.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think Svelte is a good alternative to Angular.


React is a free an open-source Javascript framework for frontend development. With React you can build powerful, component-based application that supports compilation of JSX, ES6 and auto-prefixed CSS files. The popular framework is developed by Facebook and used by countless of applications across the web and mobile devices to build  structured user interfaces or UI components.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think React is a good alternative to Angular.


Vue.js is a free and open-source intuitive and composable MVVM framework for building interactive UIs with JavaScript. The library was first created and released by Evan You back in 2014, and saw a meteoric rise in the open-souce community. Possibly due to the accessible nature of the project and the library itself. With Vue.js you can get started by simply importing the script via CDN, and start building. Today, Vue.js is used in a multitude of web applications and powers interactive interfaces for people to enjoy across the globe.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think Vue.js is a good alternative to Angular.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an iconic, free and open source, server-side web application framework released under the liberal MIT license. The Ruby-based framework has helped millions of developer make their ideas a reality. The framework is opinionated and promotes best standards and practices for web development. When combining that with a community that is open, helpful and guiding, it's not hard to see why Ruby on Rails is one of the most loved web application frameworks to this day. Ruby on Rails is also used by industry giants like Basecamp, HEY, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, Hulu, Zendesk, Square, Cookpad.

Free & Open Source

React Native

React Native combines the power of React with native app development. React Native is a popular JavaScript library for building native user interfaces. React Native allow developers to build applications for Android and iOS simultaneously without managing multiple codebases.

Free & Open Source


With Meteor you can build web, mobile and desktop apps quickly. Meteor is a free and open-source JavaScript framework that is designed to provide developers with the necessities to build applications by writing less code. Over half a million developers around the globe has chosen Meteor as their go-to framework for building scalable JavaScript applications.

Free & Open Source


The ASTRO Command Center software is specifically intended for use with: MixAmp Pro TR (late 2015 release), A50 Gen 3 with Base Stations (late 2016 release), A20 Wireless (late 2017 release).


Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events
Free & Open Source


HTMX is a HTML-first web framework that allows you to access AJAX, CSS Transitions, WebSockets and Server Sent Events directly in HTML Markup, using attributes. With HTMX, developers can quickly build emmersive experiences and modern user interfaces without having to worry about REST APIs or complicated frontend JavaScript configurations. HTMX weighs in at just under 10k min.gz'd and is completley dependecy-free.

Free & Open Source


A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library that let's you write less code and get more done. The library is specifically designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, event handling, CSS animation and Ajax related tasks. jQuery was first released in 2006, and instantly changed the way many write JavaScript. Today, about 70% of the top 10 million websites still use jQuery to improve the experience for their visitors.

Free & Open Source

How Are These Angular Alternatives Generated?

Information found on this page is crowd-sourced by the community and contains the most agreed upon Angular alternatives. You can use this information to find similar software to Angular for specific platforms with various pricing options and licenses. Anyone that have previously used Angular can suggest alternatives, vote on the accuracy of other users claims, and help more people in the process of doing so.

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