BuddyCloud Alternatives

BuddyCloud Alternatives

Buddycloud is an open source project that helps developers add chat, video and social features to their app without being locked into a proprietary solution. With BuddyCloud it's easy to build communities that facilitates rich communication. The op.. read more.

According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to BuddyCloud is BuddyPress which is both free and proprietary. Other highly recommended applications include GNU social (Free) , CircleCare and Viadeo .
In total people have suggested 19 alternatives to BuddyCloud that share similarities by use case and feature set.


A flexible WordPress plugin for building online communities, teams, and groups with WordPress-powered sites.

Free & Proprietary
👍 Most people think BuddyPress is a good alternative to BuddyCloud.

GNU social

GNU social connects you to a free network of thousands of communities that discuss daily on a variety of topics, each being part of the whole. GNU social supports both single-user and community modes and can be used in an intranet environment or as part of the wider open network. The free and open source microblogging server is written in PHP and built on-top of the OStatus standard for inter-operation between installations.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think GNU social is a good alternative to BuddyCloud.


Family App to Motivate Everyone


6,4 million members | 2 700 000 companies | 30 000 groups | Jobs | 5 alumni | Professional network - United States.


alloblak is a social networking site with a host of features on the Internet today.

Community Builder

Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla.

Commercial & Proprietary


An open social network with zero corporate interference.


Twetch is a blockchian-based social network. On Twetch, all interactions are micropayments in the form of Bitcoin BSV and the platform truley revolutionize social media interactions with its micropayments business model that does not include third-party actors taking shares off the payments. All of your content on Twetch is signed by you and stored on the blockchain, forever accessible to you.

Free & Open Source


Mastodon is a free and open source decentralized social network that is used by over 4.4 million people. At mastodon you can follow friends, discover and rally around topics, and share links, pictures, text, video, much like Twitter. The main difference with Mastodon is the decentralized nature of the software. Anyone is free to start their own Mastodon server, that automatically interconnects with all the other Mastodon servers. Since the network is community-owned and not backed by any venture capital you can be sure that your data will not be monitized and that you will have an ad-free experience.

Free & Open Source


Trends starts with TikTok. It's a application and social network used by millions to watch, discover and create personalized short videos. TikTok is developed by Chinese tech giant ByteDance.

Free & Proprietary


A simple, light-weight, interest based social platform.


Futurenet is a new social network like Facebook but you will get paid to use it.

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