CapRover is an free and easy-to-use application deployment and server manager for NodeJS, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, WordPress and more. With CapRover you can create your own PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) similar to that of Heroku, and deploying it to your own cloud instance.

CapRover Features

Supports any Language and Platform

Deploy apps in your own space for Node js, PHP, Python, Java or any other favorite language or platform.

Security With SSL

Ability to secure your services over HTTPS for FREE, ability to automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

One-Click Apps

Deploying one-click apps is a matter of seconds. CapRover got one-click installs for MongoDB, Parse, MySQL, WordPress, Postgres and many third-party software.

Easy Deployment

Many ways to deploy: upload your source from dashboard, use command line caprover deploy, use webhooks and build upon git push

Simple Interface

Simple interface for many docker operations: exposing container ports to host, setting up persistent directories, instance count and etc.

Fully Customizable

Optionally fully customizable nginx config allowing you to enable HTTP2, specific caching logic, custom SSL certs and etc.

Cluster Ready

Attach more nodes and create a cluster with a click of a button and CapRover automatically configures nginx to load balance.

Increase Productivity

With CapRover you can focus on building your applications, not the bells and whistles of managing and running your apps.

CapRover Information

Platforms: Self-Hosted
Pricing: Free
License: Open Source

CapRover Recommendations