CommPeak PBX Alternatives

CommPeak PBX Alternatives

CommPeak’s Hosted Cloud IP-PBX is a web-based highly customizable and feature-rich solution - the ideal, low-cost solution for an enterprise of all sizes... read more.
According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to CommPeak PBX is freepbx Other highly recommended applications include Starfish PBX , PBXware and VitalPBX .
In total people have suggested 12 alternatives to CommPeak PBX that share similarities by use case and feature set.


FreePBX is a web-based open source GUI that controls and manages Asterisk (PBX).

Starfish PBX

Starfish PBX aims to be an open source alternative to Digium’s Switchvox.


PBXware is the world’s first and most mature IP PBX Professional Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform. Bicom Systems’ softswitch is offered in the Business, Call Center and Multi-Tenant Editions.


VitalPBX is a full-feature PBX (phone system) based on Linux and Asterisk.


FusionPBX is an open source FreeSWITCH GUI.

Thirdlane Business PBX

Description: Thirdlane PBX - VoIP Phone System and Unified Communications Solution for Small Business to Enterprise. Phone ☎ +1 415 / 261-6600


The most advanced interface for managing Asterisk PBX with Multitenant and Realtime capabilities

The Incredible PBX

Incredible PBX is a secure and feature-rich implementation of the Asterisk® PBX.

Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX

Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX - multi-tenant PBX software for Internet Telephony Service Providers.

The Real PBX

Power your business communication with The Real PBX's Hosted PBX, toll-free number and cloud telephony services. Free trial and 24x7 support available.


Communication with your team streamlined. Simple & easy!

XO Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a scalable UC solution that uses cloud technology to integrate HD voice & data services, mobility, along with advanced calling

How Are These CommPeak PBX Alternatives Generated?

Information found on this page is crowd-sourced by the community and contains the most agreed upon CommPeak PBX alternatives. You can use this information to find similar software to CommPeak PBX for specific platforms with various pricing options and licenses. Anyone that have previously used CommPeak PBX can suggest alternatives, vote on the accuracy of other users claims, and help more people in the process of doing so.

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