DameWare Alternatives

DameWare Alternatives

DameWare is an award-winning remote control software and desktop sharing tool. It has been designed to allow IT pros to remotely access end users' computers, laptops, and servers for remote administration and support. Dameware is u.. read more.

According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to DameWare is UltraViewer which is both freemium and proprietary. Other highly recommended applications include Zoho Assist (Freemium) , AnyDesk (Freemium) and VNC Connect .
In total people have suggested 20 alternatives to DameWare that share similarities by use case and feature set.


UltraViewer is a remote control support software. With UltraViewer you can control a partner or customers computer and support the as their a sitting in front of their own computer. UltraViewer also allow you to chat with the computer you are connected with, by pressing a hotkey a chat window pops up that can be used to further communicate the support session. You can also send and receive files between the connected computers to further enhance the support capabilities. UltraViewer has been downloaded over 40 million times and run as a freeware on Window XP, Window 7, Window 8, Window 10, Window Server.

Freemium & Proprietary
👍 Most people think UltraViewer is a good alternative to DameWare.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a remote support and access software that helps you provide support to customers from a cloud-based remote console. Zoho Assist works well with all major proxies and firewalls, and your data s secured by industrial standard end-to-end SSL and 256-bit AES encryption. Allowing you to rest assured that all connections made with Zoho Assist is secure. Major global brands use Zoho Assist for IT support and secure remote access to customers, clients and internal teams.

Freemium & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Zoho Assist is a good alternative to DameWare.


Over 300+ million people use AnyDesk for remote work and collaboration. AnyDesk is a software that provides secure and reliable remote desktop connection that allows users to share screens and operate each others computer over an internet connection. With AnyDesk it's easy to collaborate with people across the globe or provide clients with IT support via remote access.

Freemium & Proprietary
👍 Most people think AnyDesk is a good alternative to DameWare.

VNC Connect

VNC is remote access and control software which allows you to view and fully interact with one...

Remote Utilities

Access remote PCs and provide remote customer support with ease.


With Radmin, provide instant remote tech support to corporate network users. Gain secure remote access to network computers and servers.


AeroAdmin is all-in-one remote desktop software that gives you full remote computer control including unattended access, simultaneous remote connections from and to a single computer, file transfer and the ability to connect to an unlimited number of endpoints. With AeroAdmin you can easily setup a remote desktop connection in the matter of minutes. Allowing you to connect and assist or collaborate with co-workers, friends and family through screen sharing and remote access.

Freemium & Proprietary


rdesktop is a free and open source remote desktop protocol client designed to make the users able to manage their PCs in a new way.


imPcRemote is a remote support tool that enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections...

Net Meeting

Net Meeting provides a free solution for web conferencing, audio and video conferencing.


Screenleap is a web app that lets users share their device's screen over the Internet. These screens can be a desktop computer monitor or a smartphone screen or anything else that can load a web browser. Read more about Screenleap.

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