DJFlowers (Double Jenya Flower Shop)

DJFlowers (Double Jenya Flower Shop)

Double Jenya Flower Shop (the shortcut is DJflowers) is an author’s floristry, recently opened in Dubai. As a premium florist shop, we offer unique bouquets for purchase. Also we can deliver your order across Dubai. Founder Evgenya Kostenko started floristry as a hobby. Her love for flowers, aesthetics and desire to give emotions through bouquets have grown into DJflowers’ unique style and a strong floral brand. You may wonder where this interesting name comes from. The idea of growing a business out of a small hobby came from her husband. Having the same names (the shortcut is Jenya), this beautiful couple is called by everyone as “Double Jenya”. And being partners in both, life and business, the name was automatically sticked to the brand. We inspire floral aesthetics lovers day by day.

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