dotCMS Pros & Cons

dotCMS Pros & Cons

Top pros of using dotCMS
  • Integrates with ElasticSearch
Top cons of using dotCMS
In total 1 Pros and Cons for dotCMS has been submitted so far, in which 2 where positive and 1 was negative. The highest rated or deemed most accurate Pros & Cons was submitted by the users Frank .

Integrates with ElasticSearch

dotCMS is easily integrate-able with ElasticSearch which allows users to search your content based on fields you specify. The ElasticSearch-powered full-text search engine can be used with the Velocity Viewtool, the Java API, as a RESTful service, and for test of queries in the backend. You can also create your own Elasticsearch REST Client if you want to customize functionality even further.

1 year ago

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