Energis.Cloud Pros & Cons

Energis.Cloud Pros & Cons

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  • The most flexible Energy Management Software
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The most flexible Energy Management Software

Energis.Cloud is a data-driven Energy Management Software that helps you, as a stakeholder involved in the energy domain, to get visibility on energy and all the related data. It allows you to: - Get insights to better target & prioritize energy efficiency actions. - Be alerted when abnormal energy behaviour is detected. - Quantify energy savings produced by your energy efficiency actions. - Define accurate energy budgets and follow closely. - Follow energy efficiency and CO2 reduction targets. - Receive personalized reports. - Comply with regulations. - Create awareness in your organization about the energy consumption and costs. The software is designed to promote the key activities of energy managers, facility managers, sustainability managers and portfolio managers, while it gives a better understanding to building occupants. Energis.Cloud is currently operational in various segments, such as: - Retail, - Real estate - Public sector - Hospitality & leisure - Logistics - Bank & insurance - Sports centers - Manufacturing - Aerospace & automotive - Food & beverage - Pharmaceutical - Paper industry - Cement Energis.Cloud increases your buildings'value and operational productivity, while enhancing your green corporate image and profitability.

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