A modern, fast and highly-performant web framework written in Python. With FastAPI developers can quickly build APIs with performance on par with Node.js and Go thanks to Starlette and Pydantic.

Pros & Cons of FastAPI

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Asynchronous support

One of the most exiting feature of FastAPI is its support for async/await. With FastAPI you can write asynchronous code out of the box. A welcoming feature to the Python framework ecosystem which is usually synchronous in nature.

Bullet Bullet 5 months ago
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OAuth 2.0 support

FastAPI integrates well with OAuth 2.0 and external providers.

Cassie Cassie 5 months ago
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Limited educational resources

Since FastAPI is relatively new framework, the community is quiet small. Even though FastAPI provides great documentation and a wide variety of example projects, it can be hard to find external educational information like books, course and tutorials.

Freddie Freddie 5 months ago
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GraphQL support with graphene-python

With FastAPI it's easy to build a GraphQL API with the help of the python library graphene-python.

Cassie Cassie 5 months ago

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