Lapce is a lightning-fast and powerful code editor that is free and open source. Lapce is community-built and written in Rust which makes it quick to launch and snappy to use. The code editor is batteries included and provides cross-platform support

Lapce Features

Lightning fast

Native GUI with GPU acceleration in Rust, no more waiting on launching the editor, and any lag on your keystroke will be treated as a bug and get fixed.

Remote Development

You can connect to a remote machine seamlessly, with a "local" experience, benefiting from a identical environment with your production server, or utilizing the full performance of the remote machine.

Batteries included

Code syntax highlighting using Tree-sitter, much faster and better than regex based highlighting. Also with built in LSP support, to give you code intelligence like code completion, diagnostics and code actions etc.

Vim like modal editing

Vim users, we've got you covered! Built in support for a Vim like editing experience, without a plugin.

WASI plugin system

You can write a plugin for Lapce with any programing language that complies to WASI. Choose a familiar language for writing a plugin without learning a new language.

Built in Terminal

Start a terminal at the path of your workspace, without leaving Lapce.

Lapce Information