Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge provides instant PHP servers and Laravel Hosting without the nightmares of server management. With Laravel Forge you can provision and deploy unlimited PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon, Hetzner and other cloud hosting providers. Forge includes an easy to manage user interface that automatically links to your supported cloud hosting provides, or allow you to provision a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or use a custom provider of your choice.

Laravel Forge Features

Cutting Edge

We install Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and all of the other goodies you need on the cloud of your choice. No more out-dated PHP installations.

Push To Deploy

Deploying code couldn't be any easier. Just push to master on your GitHub, Bitbucket, or custom Git repository. We'll handle it from there.

Free TLS Certificates

Forge integrates with LetsEncrypt, allowing you to obtain free TLS (SSL) certificates for your Forge powered applications.


Using our Business plan you may instantly share your server's management dashboard with your co-workers.

Dead Simple Queues

Easily start and manage supervised Laravel Queue workers directly from Forge. No more manual Supervisor configuration.

Secure By Default

All Forge servers require SSH key authentication and your firewall comes configured out of the box. Security updates are installed automatically.

Database Backups

Our Business plan customers may safely and securely backup your MySQL or Postgres databases to AWS S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces.

Powerful API

You can manage your servers programmatically using our robust API, which provides access to the vast majority of Forge features.

User Isolation

Run each of the sites on your servers as a separate, secure user, preventing compromised applications from accessing other sites on the server.

Task Scheduling

Schedule any recurring tasks that need to run on your server. Use convenient predefined schedules or customize them with cron expressions.

Server Monitoring

Quickly monitor your server's CPU, disk space and average load. Plus, we will notify you of server health changes in real-time.

Log File Access

Scan through your application, server, and site logs with the click of a button - directly from Forge.

Laravel Forge Information

Platforms: Web
Pricing: Commercial
License: Proprietary