LispWorks IDE

LispWorks IDE

The LispWorks IDE provides a smooth and comfortable workflow, allowing you to incrementally write, test, and extend your software while it is running. The integrated development environment is specifially desingn for wirting the programming language Lisp and all of its dialects.The LispWorks IDE is written using the CAPI portable GUI toolkit and therefore it runs natively on Mac OS X, Windows®, GTK+ and Motif.

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LispPad is a simple, lightweight, IDE for developing and running Scheme code on macOS. The language supported by the integrated development environment LispPad is based on the R7RS (small) standard of the Scheme programming language. LispPad provides the a wide range of components inclduing a fully integrated Scheme interpreter, a large set of libraries, a text editor supporting syntax highlighting, smart indentation, parenthesis matching and text completion.

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