LOG4VIEW Alternatives

LOG4VIEW Alternatives

Log4View is a convenient viewer for XML or pattern formated log4net, log4j or log4cxx logging output... read more.
According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to LOG4VIEW is LogTail Other highly recommended applications include LogFusion , SnakeTail and mTail .
In total people have suggested 18 alternatives to LOG4VIEW that share similarities by use case and feature set.


LogTail is a local and remote (SSH) log file viewer and monitoring application for Mac OS X. It is a pure, modern, document-based Cocoa App
👍 Most people think LogTail is a good alternative to LOG4VIEW.


Log fusion is a software that helps you to display and monitor your log files in real-time by relying on this lightweight application that features a massive range of useful function.
👍 Most people think LogFusion is a good alternative to LOG4VIEW.


SnakeTail is a Windows tail application for monitoring text log files.


mTAIL is a Windows Program that works like the Unix Command TAIL.


Looking for a better log viewer? LogViewPlus is a professional log file viewer that can parse, read, tail, merge and analyze log files in any format. Remote log files (SFTP) and large files are supported. Easy configuration.

Tail for Win32

Tail for Win32 is used to monitor changes to files; displaying the changed lines in realtime.


A log file viewer for static or running traces as usually written by setups, server or debug traces.


Gamut Software, Inc. Home Page author of GamutLogViewer©


OtrosLogViewer is a software for analyzing an application's logs and stack traces.

SPHW - LogViewer

A free platform-independent tool for monitoring log files in real-time.

Hoo WinTail

Hoo WinTail is a real-time log monitor and log viewer for Windows like the UNIX tail -f utility.


WinTail allows you to view the last 64K of a growing text file in real time under Win32 operating...

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