MapTiler Cloud

MapTiler Cloud

MapTiler Cloud is a cloud-based mapping platform that provides tools for creating, hosting, and serving custom maps and geospatial data. It offers a range of features and services that allow users to publish maps on the web or integrate them into their applications.

MapTiler Cloud Features

With MapTiler Cloud, users can upload their own geospatial data in various formats such as shapefile, GeoJSON, or MBTiles. The platform then processes and converts the data into web-friendly formats, allowing it to be visualized and served as tiled maps. MapTiler Cloud supports a wide range of coordinate systems and can handle large datasets.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to customize their maps. Users can choose from a variety of map styles, including basic styles like street maps, satellite imagery, or terrain maps, as well as custom styles that can be tailored to specific needs. MapTiler Cloud also offers options for adding markers, labels, and overlays to the maps, enabling users to create interactive and engaging visualizations.

MapTiler Cloud provides hosting and serving capabilities, allowing users to publish their maps on the web. It generates tilesets, which are pre-rendered images of the map at different zoom levels, and serves them efficiently to end-users. This approach improves the performance and loading speed of the maps, particularly when dealing with large or complex datasets.

Additionally, MapTiler Cloud offers APIs and SDKs (Software Development Kits) that allow developers to integrate the maps into their own applications or websites. These APIs provide access to various functionalities, such as displaying maps, adding overlays, or performing spatial queries.

MapTiler Cloud Information

Categories: Map Service
Platforms: Web
Pricing: Freemium
License: Proprietary