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In this list you'll find 9 MTcaptcha alternatives. You can also filter MTcaptcha alternatives by Proprietary licenses, and various platforms including Web to narrow down your search.

Google Captcha

With Google Captcha, website and application owners can protect their properties abusive traffic, bots and spam. Google Captcha provides an easy-to-setup captcha sulotion that verify user validity with the help of simple user interactions. This procoss allow your website or app to destinguise humans from robots, allowing you to build sites and communities without spam and bot attacks.

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What Does NoMoreCaptchas Do?

Negative Captcha

A plugin to make the process of creating a negative captcha in Rails much less painful

Metal Captcha

A captcha form for metal fans


GeeTest protects your websites, mobile Apps and APIs from bot threats.


The best captcha alternative. Accessible, Mobile-friendly, and Retina-ready! Available for Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Meteor, jQuery, Angular, and vanilla JS.


Onboard and verify mobile users with a single SMS


Keep the bots out without annoying your users


hCaptcha is a captcha software that can be used by websites and apps as protection against bots and span. hCaptcha is designed from the ground up to solve intensive machine learning problems while at the same time to protect properties. With hCaptcha, user inputs are used in the training of machine learning models for image recognition. Automatically solving two problems with one solution, and allowing no user inputs to be wasted as meaningless chores.


Enterprise Captcha solutions

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