n8n is a free and open node-based Workflow Automation Tool. n8n can be self-hosted, while also being provided as a managed sulotion at n8n.io. The software can easily be extended and integrated with popular third-party services such as Github, Slack and many more.

n8n Features

Free and open

With our fair-code license, you can run n8n totally free no matter if you’re in the bedroom or boardroom 🤘

Easily extendable

Create your own nodes to integrate third‑party services or in-house tools. Learn how from our community, docs and tutorials.

Your data stays with you

Run n8n locally or in the cloud. You decide who gets access and keep the full control of your data.

Sync data between 200+ apps

Move and transform data between different apps and databases without getting caught up in API docs and troubleshooting CORS errors.

Design powerful workflows

Go beyond ETL: start with simple no-code flows and add javascript functions, conditional logic, or custom http requests in a snap.

Create custom integrations

n8n allow you and your team to design bespoke nodes for a proprietary CRM, endpoints for your product, or any other software, and empower your marketing and ops teams to create their own workflows.

n8n Information

n8n Pricing

n8n is a free and open-source software.