Netfilx is the worlds most popular subscription-based video streaming service. It provides over 15,000 TV shows, documentaries and movies for a monthly fixed cost. Netflix works across most devices and operating systems and can also be used in the browser without being downloaded.

Pros & Cons of Netflix

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Large library of movies and series

Netflix house probably the largest collection of movies and series out any streaming service.

SwagCat SwagCat 4 months ago
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New titles added on a regular basis

Netflix provides new titles of both movies and series on what seems to be a weekly basis.

Cassie Cassie 4 months ago
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Terrible navigation

I can't discover any new good titles unless I know the name of the movie or series I am looking for.

Molusk Molusk 4 months ago

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Discover the pros and cons of Netflix and what other people have found to be an advantage or disadvantage when using the software. Currently 3 opinions about Netflix have been posted, and most were positive. Have you used, or are using Netflix, if so, how was your experience?
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