Personio HR Software Alternatives

Personio HR Software Alternatives

Personio is a holistic HR and applicant management software designed for companies with 10 to 1000 employees... read more.
According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to Personio HR Software is BASIC HR Other highly recommended applications include Subcurrent HR , Nectar HR and People HR .
In total people have suggested 20 alternatives to Personio HR Software that share similarities by use case and feature set.


Solutions to your #HR #FMLA #Payroll & #Compliance needs. Agents/brokers & employers of all sizes/nationwide are invited to join the conversation. Keep it BASIC
👍 Most people think BASIC HR is a good alternative to Personio HR Software.

Subcurrent HR

Simple recurring polls on Slack for employee engagement
👍 Most people think Subcurrent HR is a good alternative to Personio HR Software.

Nectar HR

Bring your unsung heroes to light through more frequent, timely and meaningful recognition at work.

People HR

PeopleHR is a web-based HR software system designed by HR professionals.

Prevue HR

Prevue offers pre-employment assessment and applicant tracking system solutions.

Flock HR

Flock offers HR, benefits, and compliance management solutions.

Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a cloud HR Software with 360-degree processing solution, providing tools like Payroll, leave software, ESS portal for businesses in India.

Aruti HRMS

Aruti is an integrated, flexible and affordable human resources and payroll management system.

Applaud HR

The workforce experience layer that makes digital HR simple. The no-code Applaud platform makes it possible to create consumer-grade workforce experiences.

Sentrifugo HRMS

Sentrifugo is a free and powerful new-age Human Resource Management System that can be easily configured to adapt to your organizational processes.


Sage HRMS software the leading HR management software solution featuring Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage HRMS software.

Tribe HR

The best Online Human Resources Software for small & medium businesses, simplifying frustrating HR management challenges.

How Are These Personio HR Software Alternatives Generated?

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