Phiewer is an image viewer specifically designed for macOS, it provides an easy and fast way to view your images, videos and even audio files. Phiewer features a folder-based layout that makes it easy to discover, manage and browse your media. It supports a vast amount of image formats including png, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, heif, heic, .svg, camera RAW: crw, cr2, dng, eip, erf, nef, nrw, obm, orf, pef, raw and more. As for video and audio, Phiewer support opus, weba, webm, ogg, ogm, oga, wav, mp3 and flac audio formats and mp4, m4v, m4u, m4a, mkv and mov video formats.

Phiewer Information

Platforms: macOS
Pricing: Freemium
License: Proprietary