PHPLiteAdmin Alternatives

PHPLiteAdmin Alternatives

For SQLite what phpMyAdmin is for MySQL - the perfect administration tool.. read more.
According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to PHPLiteAdmin is MySQL Workbench which is both free , commercial and open source. Other highly recommended applications include Chrome MySQL Admin (Free) , SQLPro for MySQL (Commercial) and dbForge Studio for MySQL (Freemium).
In total people have suggested 14 alternatives to PHPLiteAdmin that share similarities by use case and feature set.

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a free and commercial open-source tool for managing MySQL databases visually through a GUI. MySQL Workbench provides features like data modeling, sql development, and comprehensive administration tools. MySQL Workbench is developed by Oracle Corporation and is a successor to DBDesigner 4. The community edition of MySQL Workbench is released under the GNU General Public License, while the enterprise edition is released as a commercial proprietary software.

Free , Commercial & Open Source
👍 Most people think MySQL Workbench is a good alternative to PHPLiteAdmin.

Chrome MySQL Admin

Chrome MySQL Admin is a chrome-based tool that provides you with an administration GUI of MySQL server.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think Chrome MySQL Admin is a good alternative to PHPLiteAdmin.

SQLPro for MySQL

SQLPro for MySQL is database management application for editing and viewing MySQL databases on macOS.

Commercial & Proprietary
👍 Most people think SQLPro for MySQL is a good alternative to PHPLiteAdmin.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a universal GUI tool for MySQL and MariaDB database development, management, and administration. 

Freemium & Proprietary
👍 Most people think dbForge Studio for MySQL is a good alternative to PHPLiteAdmin.

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is an incredibly fast, easy-to-use database management application for macOS. The software is designed from the ground up to work with MySQL & MariaDB databases natively on the mac. Sequel Pro provides a neat UI that can be used to manage and adding schema or data for your local development database or connect to servers remotely.

Free & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Sequel Pro is a good alternative to PHPLiteAdmin.


PSequel provides a clean and simple interface for you to perform common PostgreSQL tasks quickly. PSequel PostgreSQL GUI tool specifically developed for macOS. While offical tools like pgAdmin are great and provide a wide range of features, they lack the simplicity of PSequel.

Free & Proprietary


DBeaver is an open-source SQL client and a database administration tool. With DBeaver you can manage any relational databases that has support for JDBC driver, in a well designed GUI. The software is released as two separate versions, DBeaver Community Edition and DBeaver Enterprise Edition. DBeaver Community Edition is freely used and distributed under the ACL license. While DBeaver Enterprise Edition is sold at a monthly subscriptions, and supports NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, InfluxDB, Redis, Amazon DynamoDB, Google Bigtable and CouchDB.

Free & Open Source


SQLPro for MSSQL is a lightweight Microsoft SQL Server database client, allowing quick and simple...

SQLPro for SQLite

SQLPro for SQLite is the Premier application for editing and browsing SQLite databases on macOS. SQLPro for SQLite provides features for table creation, custom queries, auto-complete and do inline data filtering, allowing you to add foreign key, update data or modify database triggers. The intuetive user interface provided by SQLPro for SQLite allows you to storing favourite queries or access the list of previously selected queries. With SQLPro for SQLite its easy to manage SQLite databases on macOS.

Commercial & Proprietary


A simple, powerful SQL Server database managment tool for macOS. With SQLPro for MSSQL you can work with databases locally or in the cloud, as SQLPro for MSSQL supports MSSQL 2005 and above, including cloud instances.

Commercial & Proprietary

SQLPro Studio

SQLPro is a 100% native Mac app that will outperform any of the other Java based database management interfaces.

Commercial & Proprietary

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