Are you tiered of the complexity when it comes to setting up a website? A static site generator like Plenti might be your solution. Plenti is a static site generator written in Go for speed and utilize Svelte for ease of use on the frontend. With Plenti, you can ditch the headaces of maintaing a content management system and SQL databases. Plenti simply connects to your Git backend and be pushed to production using GitHub Action or Gitlab Pipelines.

Plenti Features

Content Editing Out-of-the-Box

Ship sites with a lightweight Content Management System. No extra software is needed to handoff to editors.

No Database Git Backend

Ditch the SQL headaches and simply connect to a Git backend. Finally content editors and developers can speak the same language.

Flexible Content Structure

There are no required fields or content types in Plenti. You define whatever structure works best for you and your project.

Reactive Svelte Components

Build with a fast and easy to understand component framework. Enjoy automatic HTML fallbacks for your single page apps.

Fast Commandline Tool

Save time with automatic scaffolding for repetitive tasks. The CLI tool doesn't require internet access or dependencies.

Plenti Information

Plenti Pricing

Plenti is a free and open-source static site generator released under the liberal MIT License. This means that you can use Plenti for hobby and commercial projects alike.

Plenti Recommendations