PocketBase is an free and open source backend in 1 file with real-time database, authentication, file storage and admin dashboard. It's written in the programming language Go and users SQLite as a database. With PocketBase it is super simple to get your backend web application up and running. This allows you as a developer to focus more on the frontend and the content of your application. PocketBase also integrates well with frontend technologies Flutter, Svelte, Angular, React and Vue.

PocketBase Features

Realtime database

Embedded performant database with schema builder, data validations, realtime subscriptions and easy to use REST api.


Manage your app users and handle email/password and OAuth2 sign ups (Google, Facebook, GitHub, GitLab) without the hassle.

File storage

Sanely store files locally or in a S3 storage. Easily attach media to your database records and generate thumbs on the fly.


Use as a standalone app or as Go framework, that you can extend via hooks to create your own custom portable backend. Provides official client SDKs for painless integration.

PocketBase Information