Prettier is a free and open-source, opinionated code formatter. With Prettier you can save time and keep your code neat and tidy as you move along quickly. When using prettier in your project, your code is formatted according to your configuration as soon as you save your file. It allows you and your team to write code that is formatted according to your specification, without the need to discuss style in code review. Prettier supports many popular languages like HTML, Markdown, MDX, YAML, CSS, SCSS, Less, Vue, Angular, GraphQL, Apex, Elm, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, PHP, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Swift, TOML and XML. While also integrating with popular IDEs such as Atom, Emacs, Espresso, Nova, Sublime Text, Vim, Visual Studio, VS Code and WebStorm.

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ESLint is a software for .
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