Qovery is a devops platform that combines the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of AWS, and the simplicity of Heroku to augment the developer experience. It accelerates and scales the application development cycle with zero infrastructure management investment.

Qovery Features

Deploy Applications

Pick your git repository and deploy your application in a few clicks. With Qovery you can associate your Domain, TLS, Storage with ease.

Create & Manage Databases

Qovery uses Managed databases for production databases and containers for developement databases. PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL and Redis are supported.

Automatic Scaling

Do you get a spike of users? No problem. Qovery auto-scales your applications based on their CPU and RAM usage.

Microsservice Support

Qovery supports microservices from day 1. Connect your applications and let them communicate securely. Monorepo is supported.

Clone & Replicated Environments

With Qovery you can clone any environment in one click to make product demo, test a migration, or test a new feature with confidence.

Preview Environments

Get a preview environment for each Pull Request (PR) on Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. Once you merge your PR, your preview environment disappears. Monorepository and micro-services are supported.

Application & Service Monitoring

Basic CPU and memory metrics are provided for every applications. Do you need more? Plug your Datadog account.

Application & Service Debugging

From application deployment and run, you can quickly troubleshoot what is going on and securely access instant information.

Integrated Terminal

Do you need to run a migration script? Connect to your application via our secured web console and run your commands.

Team Collaboration

With Qovery you simply invite your teammates and work on project collaboratively.


Qovery provides an addon infrastructure that allow you to easily connect your favorite tools to take advantage of external features through third-party software and APIs.

Qovery Information

Platforms: Web
Pricing: Freemium
License: Proprietary