Revnue is an AI-powered intelligent digital contract management platform that is transforming the way enterprises manage their contracts. By making contract management accessible to everyone, from small businesses to very large enterprises, the company aims to make a positive impact on millions of customers across the globe. Next-gen Contract Management Platform that leverages advanced AI, ML, NLP, and deep learning technologies to enable end-to-end contract management. The platform’s game changing Smart Repository seamlessly stores, tracks, and manages contracts, assets, services, and SaaS documents. Other key features include Smart Search, Smart Inbox, Smart Reminders, and multi-user support. The platform also offers integrated E-Signature capabilities that allow users to sign, file, and analyze contracts, all in one place. Additionally, it offers a powerful API for enterprise-wide integrations, advanced analytics, and integrated security features, and is built within an easy to use, and intuitive interface.

Revnue Information