SlimWiki Pros & Cons

SlimWiki Pros & Cons

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SlimWiki is a web-based wiki tool that can help teams documents their projects. It provides simple, versatile and powerful features out-of-the-box, that allow companies to spend more time on business related tasks and less time documenting their creations. SlimWiki is designed with a mobile-first approach and provides simple drag/drop features for placement and layout of images and files that helps you produce rich and easily consumable content.

SlimWiki Pros & Cons

Discover the pros and cons of SlimWiki and what other people have found to be an advantage or disadvantage when using the software. Currently no opinions have been posted. Have you used, or are using SlimWiki, if so, how was your experience?

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Sun 20 Jun 2021 (4 months ago)

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