Strapi is a free and open source headless CMS developed with JavaScript for Node.js. The software makes it really simple to generate REST and GraphQL APIs. Simply create your database schema and relationships in the Strapi admin panel UI, and Strapi will auto-generate API endpoints to represent the data structures provided. Strapi comes packed with features you come to expect from normal CMS's such as authentication, authorization, content management and a media library. The software can be used for free and can be self-hosted on any server and platform. Extra enterpise functionallity is currently being developed, and will be sold at cost.

Pros & Cons of Strapi

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Auto-generated GraphQL API and schema with the help of the "Shadow CRUD"

Possibly the fastest way to create a basic GraphQL API. With the help of Strapi graphQL plugin you can have your GraphQL API up and running in a matter of minutes. Where all necessary types and resolvers are auto-generated by Strapi's Shadow CRUD system. Simply install the plugin, and you can start using your GraphQL API with GraphiQL interface at /graphql.

Freddie Freddie 7 months ago
Con | 2

Does not handle database migrations

Strapi is a fantastic open-source CMS and API creation tool for frontend developers. However, one of the biggest concerns I have with Strapi is that your application does not record nor manage database migrations after schema changes to your database. This is a crucial part of building a sound and future proof application, without a record of schema changes things can get hairy quickly. It's kinda like building an application without using Git to track code changes.

Freddie Freddie 7 months ago
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Quick and easy installation

I love the fact that Strapi is extremely easy to install. The Strapi CLI will guide you through the process of installing the headless CMS manually. A bunch of one-click-install's and containers are available for third-party platforms and hosting providers as well.

Millen Millen 7 months ago

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