Supabase is a free and open-source self-hosted and SaaS provided alternative to Firebase. With Supabase you can add a realtime REST API to a PostgreSQL without writing a single line of code.

Pros & Cons of Supabase

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Not ready for production yet

Supabase seems like a really cool project, but the project is still in alpha/beta stage and is not ready for production..

FI5HDOG FI5HDOG a year ago
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Dashboard can not be self-hosted

A big part of Supabase is it's intuitive dashboard where you can edit your database, manage users, create object storage and run queries directly on the database. Sadly, this part can not be self-hosted, nor is it open source.

fossa fossa 21 days ago
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Instant REST API for PostgreSQL databases

With Supabase you can have a REST API automatically generated for your PostgreSQL database in minutes.

Freddie Freddie a year ago
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Can be self-hosted

The fact that Supabase is a free and open-source firebase alternative that can be self-hosted makes it an extremely interesting project.

Millen Millen a year ago

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