Supernotes Alternatives

Supernotes Alternatives

Supernotes is your new home for ideas, records, tasks, and lists. Enjoy efficient note-taking without the hassle.

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According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to Supernotes is Deepnote which is both freemium and proprietary. Other highly recommended applications include Ghostnote (Commercial) , NoteLedge (Free) and WizNote .
In total people have suggested 16 alternatives to Supernotes that share similarities by use case and feature set.


Deepnote is an intuitive, Jupyter-compatible data science notebook with real-time collaboration. The software runs in the cloud and can be accessed in your browser. Deepnote was built yo help data scientists to collaborate better by allowing people to review each others notebooks, presenting work to team members and handeling over models to other teams. Deepnote integrates with your existing infrastructure, your workflow and third-party services like PostreSQL, Google BigQuery, Spark, GitHub, S3 and GCS buckets.

Freemium & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Deepnote is a good alternative to Supernotes.


Ghostnote is a powerful todo and notes app with support MacOS Catalina. With Ghostnote you can add contextual notes to almost anything on your macintosh.

Commercial & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Ghostnote is a good alternative to Supernotes.


NoteLedge is a note taking software for mobile and desktop. With NoteLedge you can stay orginized and make interactive notes with visual media including images, videos or audio recordings.

Free & Proprietary
👍 Most people think NoteLedge is a good alternative to Supernotes.


Orginize your notes effortlessly in the cloud with Evernote. The application is designed or note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. With Evernote users can find information and take notes in the form of text, drawings, photographs, or saved web content that can be shared with anyone. Evernote is available cross platform and is free to sign up for, however premium features are provided at a monthly cost.

Freemium & Proprietary


Simplenote is a cloud-based note-taking application with markdown support. Simplenote works cross-platform and all notes are synced can be accessed from any device that has the application installed, Simplenote also work in most modern browsers.

Free & Proprietary


EndNote is the industry standard software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references on the Windows and Macintosh desktop. Save time, stay organized, collaborate with colleagues and get published with EndNote.

Commercial & Proprietary

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a collaborative note taking application. Microsoft OneNote can be used for free while a premium subscription of the software is available through Microsoft 365.

Free & Proprietary

Boost Note

Boost Note is a powerful, lightspeed collaborative workspace for developer teams.


Notepad++ is a free and open source text editor that support a wide range of programming languages. Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size. By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing user friendliness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment.

Free & Open Source

Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work. With Standard Notes you can create, edit and manage notes with a complete encrypted app that is free and open source.

Free & Open Source


Notezilla is a elegant sticky notes app for Windows and mobile phones that is designed to keep you well-equipped and well-organized. The application lets you layout your thoughts and ideas on colorful sticky notes and manage them thourgh a checklist with pending tasks. Set reminders that will automatically notify you about import tansks that needs to be done before a specific time or date.

Freemium & Proprietary

How Are These Supernotes Alternatives Generated?

Information found on this page is crowd-sourced by the community and contains the most agreed upon Supernotes alternatives. You can use this information to find similar software to Supernotes for specific platforms with various pricing options and licenses. Anyone that have previously used Supernotes can suggest alternatives, vote on the accuracy of other users claims, and help more people in the process of doing so.

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