The V Programming Language is a simple, fast, safe, and compiled language designed for developing maintainable software. Vlang (V for short) is a statically typed programming language created by Alexander Medvednikov and a large community of volunteers. V shares many similarities with the programming language GO, while compiling to native C. The language has been open source since 2019 and has seen a steady rise in adoption among developers.

V Features

  • Simplicity: the language can be learned in a weekend
  • Fast compilation: ≈110k loc/s with a Clang backend, ≈1 million loc/s with native and tcc backends (Intel i5-7500, SSD, no optimization) (demo video)
  • Easy to develop: V compiles itself in less than a second
  • Performance: as fast as C (V's main backend compiles to human-readable C)
  • Safety: no null, no globals, no undefined behavior, immutability by default
  • C to V translation (Translating DOOM demo video)
  • Hot code reloading
  • Innovative memory management (demo video)
  • Cross-platform UI library
  • Built-in graphics library
  • Easy cross-compilation
  • REPL
  • Built-in ORM
  • Built-in web framework
  • C and JavaScript backends
  • Great for writing low-level software (Vinix OS)

V Information

Pricing: Free
License: Open Source

V Pricing

V is a free and open source prgramming language released under the MIT license. Some external parts of V, like to UI library is currently released under the GNU General Public License, atleast during its development phase.