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In this list you'll find 24 Vyte alternatives. You can also filter Vyte alternatives by Open Source and Proprietary licenses, and various platforms including Windows , macOS , Linux , Android , iOS , Kindle Fire , Web , Self-Hosted and SaaS to narrow down your search.


Calendso is a free and open source self-hosted Calendly alternative. Calendso is white-label by design and can be hosted on-premise or can be hosted and managed by Calendso for a monthly charge. The calendar software is built to be API-driven and ready to be deployed on your own domain and does not add hurdles to the self-hosting process to favor the managed solution. Calendso provides modern features and comes with integrations for popular third-party services like Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot and many more. While also allow you and your company to build custom integrations for any platform out there, and integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow.


Calendify is a calendar community where you can share, publish and subscribe to event calendars.

Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is an app native to the macOS and iOS eco system. The application comes pre-installed with all Macintosh computers, iPhones and iPads. With Apple Calendar you can manage all your meetings and appointments in one neat application.

Rolo Calendar

A calendar for people who don't use calendars

Calendar Generator

12 weeks on one physical page


Time blocking companion for Google Calendar

Steady Calendar

A simple beautiful habit-tracker


BrightCalendar is an easy to use online booking system that enables hotels to accept online bookings and manage bookings.


Calendly is a free online appiontment scheduling software that makes it super easy to schedule meetings. 


Schedule meetings on the go

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