Webuzo is a single user control panel which helps users deploy web applications. With Webuzo, it's simple to deploy systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or bespoke web applications and frameworks powered by Apache, NGINX, PHP, Java, MongoDB and many other technologies. Webuzo was designed to enable single developers and small teams to focus on building their applications rather than maintaining servers, configurations and performance.

Webuzo Information

Webuzo Pricing

Dedicated Server License $50/Year ₹3650/Year
VPS Server License $25/Year ₹1825/Year
Monthly Dedicated Server License $5 ₹365
Monthly VPS Server License $2.5 ₹182.5
Virtual Appliance and Cloud License $25/Month ₹1825/Month
Virtual Appliance and Cloud License (Yearly) $250/Year ₹18250/Year
Premium Trial License (One Month) Free Free
Free License Free Free