WordPress powers roughly 30% of all web pages online. It's a free and open source CMS designed and developed for self-hosted publishing by Automattic, Inc. The software is written in PHP and utilize either MySQL or MariaDB as a database, and is compatible with most web hosts. Wordpress includes a plugin architecture and a templating system that can be used to extend and customize your website. These are commonly known as WordPress plugins and WordPress themes and make up a whole open source and commercial eco-system where anyone is free to create products for the platform. 

WordPress Features

Extendable with Plugins

WordPress is extanable with the use of plugins, currently the WordPress ecosystem contains of over 55,000 plugins. Simply search, download and install these plugins from your WordPress administration panel to add features like mailing lists, analytics, forums, membership features and mush more.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is designed with SEO in mind, the standard themes that come with WordPress are optimized for search engines. Further more, you can easily extended SEO capabilities with the use of plugins design specifically for search engine optimization. On top of that, the community is aware of the importance of good SEO practices, thus this idea spreads into premium themes and plugins as well.

Responsive Design

WordPress is built with responsive design in mind, and most themes are built to be mobile first. Allowing both desktop and mobile device users to get a solid experience when consuming content.

Powerful Media Management

WordPress ships with it's very own media management solution that takes care of everything from hosting, editing and managing media from images, image formats, image sizes, sound and video.

Powerful Administration

The WordPress administration panel is a strong point of the content management system, it comes with solid user management, content management, media management, plugin management and in-content editor capabilities through the use of Gutenberg.

Security Focused

WordPress has been the defacto content management tools for many years now, and sound principles of security has emerged over the years, and are continuously improved upon.


WordPress Information

WordPress Pricing

WordPress is a free and open-source content mangement system licensed under the GNU General Public License. It can be used for n on-commercial and commercial projects alike.

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