Best Asynchronous Web Frameworks for Python

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A modern, fast and highly-performant web framework written in Python. With FastAPI developers can quickly build APIs with performance on par with Node.js and Go thanks to Starlette and Pydantic.

FastAPI integrates well with OAuth 2.0 and external providers.
With FastAPI it's easy to build a GraphQL API with the help of the python library graphene-python.
Since FastAPI is relatively new framework, the community is quiet small. Even though FastAPI provides great documentation and a wide variety of example projects, it can be hard to find external educational information like books, course and tutorials.

Tornado Tornado

A free and open-source web framework and asynchronous networking library written in Python. Tornado was originally developed at FriendFeed, and is using a non-blocking network I/O that can be used to scale applications to tens of thousands of concurrent connection. Tornado is a great framework for applications that require long-lived connections between users, and for WebSockets or long polling.