Most Inspiring Indie-developed Operating System for Computers

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SerenityOS SerenityOS

SerenityOS is a graphical Unix-like operating system for desktop computers. The operating system is built from scratch in C++, by the Swede Andreas Kling and a community of developers of all levels. SerenityOS is a love letter to '90s user interfaces with a custom Unix-like core that is built form the ground-up to appeal to today's power-users that want to get things done. The build is monolithic in nature, while allowing anyone to contribute to the core, UI and software for the system.

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Elementary OS Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a neat and coherent, free and open source operating system based on the Linux distribution Ubuntu. The simplicity of Elementary OS makes it a perfect choice for people switching from other popular operating systems such as macOS or Windows. Elementary OS is a feature complete operating system that comes with its own desktop environment called Pantheon and custom built, pre-installed utility applications such as Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Terminal, Files, and more.