Batflat Alternatives

Batflat Alternatives

Batflat is fast, database-less CMS written in PHP. Batflat weighs in on 1024 kilobytes and it has all features you have come to enjoy from other content management systems like WordPress. You can also download or create your own extensions for Batflat,.. read more.

According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to Batflat is HTMLy which is both free and open source. Other highly recommended applications include Kirby (Commercial) , Grav (Free) and Automad (Free).
In total people have suggested 78 alternatives to Batflat that share similarities by use case and feature set.


HTMLy is an open source databaseless blogging platform. A Flat-File Blog and Flat-File CMS written in PHP prioritizes simplicity and speed.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think HTMLy is a good alternative to Batflat.


Kirby is a flat file content management system written in PHP. Kirby adapts to any project and can be used by developers, designers, creators and clients to create websites for businesses and personal use.

Commercial & Open Source
👍 Most people think Kirby is a good alternative to Batflat.


Grav is a modern free and open source flat-file content management system. With Grav, you can publish content and build sites in a fast, flexible and simple manner with the file-based web platform. Grav requires zero installation and is just an zip archive that can be extracted to start using the CMS. Grave also comes with a powerful package management system that allow you to extend the feature set of Grav CMS. With the package management system you can install and upgrade themes and plugins written specifically for Grav. The software is written in PHP and released fully free and open-source under the MIT License.

Flat-File Architecture

Grav is fast and flexible thanks in part to the highly optimized flat-file architecture.

Smart caching

The system uses sophisticated caching throughout and knows when to update the cache automatically.

Instant Install

Unzip to install. Grav runs out-of-the-box. Zero configuration is required.

CLI Tools

Command line tools such as dependency installation, cache clearing, user creation, and backups!

Package Manager

Our command line GPM system allows you to find, install, and easily update extensions for Grav

Extensive Documentation

Documentation is not an afterthought! Grav has a dedicated documentation site plus loads of tutorials and guides.

Awesome Technology

Grav employs best-in-class technologies such as Twig, Markdown, YAML, Symfony components, and Doctrine Caching.

Powerful Configuration Overrides

Powerful YAML-based configuration with environment-based overrides allow the ultimate in configuration flexibility.

Multi-Site Capabilities

You can configure a single Grav to run multiple sites, as well as other advanced setups.

SEO Friendly

Human-readable URLs along with site-wide and per-page metadata provide fantastic SEO capabilities.

Routing and Redirection

Powerful site-wide and per-page routing and redirection capabilities provide improved usability and SEO flexibility.

Users and Roles

Easily create users and roles and set permissions to restrict access to any page.

Simple Backups / Restore

Being file based means backing up and restoring your data is trivial, and we even provide CLI tools to do it!

Minimal Requirements

Grav has minimal requirements and runs on PHP 7.1.3 and greater out-of-the-box

Debugging and Logging

A powerful visual debug panel helps the development process by providing vital information in a clear way.

HTML or Markdown Content

Grav natively support Markdown content, but you can use plain HTML or even a mix if you wish.

Multi-Language Support

Use your own native language, or support multiple different languages with ease.

Modular Pages

Modular pages allow you to create a single page built from other 'modular' pages.

Custom Fields

YAML-based page headers allow you easily add custom dynamic fields to your content.

Flexible Taxonomies

Built-in support for customizable taxonomies such as tags or categories to help organize your content.

Version Control & Sync support

Use GIT, SVN, Dropbox, and other services to version and synchronize your data with ease.

Built-in Media Types

Grav natively understands and supports a variety of image, video, sound, and file formats.

Image Media Processing

Dynamic image manipulation to resize, crop, resample, effects and caching

Automatic Page Link Handling

Grav automatically handles a variety of approaches to easily create links between pages.

Automatic Page Image Handling

You can easily reference any image within the content structure, and even use media processing.

Native Retina/HiDPI Image Support

The only CMS with native support for properly displaying images on Retina and HiDPI.

No Design Restrictions

You don't have to feel trapped by your CMS, Grav imposes no limits on your creativity.

Twig Templating Language

Twig templating is best-in-class and provides powerful features along with great performance.

Theme Inheritance

You can extend another theme and only modify the bits you need, allowing for easier updates.

Asset Manager

A built-in Asset Manager allows powerful control over CSS and JS including compression and pipelining.

Access to Plugin Event Hooks

Themes provide full access to the abundant plugin event hooks allowing themes to have full control over Grav.

Extra Twig Filters & Functions

Take advantage of useful filters and functions bundled with Grav that expand the power of Twig.

Use any CSS Framework

You can use any third party CSS framework such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, etc.

Extensive Plugins Available

Grav already has a tonne of open source plugins available to extend the core functionality.

Tonnes of Plugin Event Hooks

Plugins have full control over Grav with an extensive plugin event hook architecture.

Simple to Write

The plugin system, although powerful, is still simple, so writing your own plugins is a doddle.

Extensible by Design

Grav was written to be small and fast, but plugins allow you to extend the functionality as needed.

Optional but Useful

You don't need to use the admin panel, but it provides a great way for your users or authors to interact with Grav.

Simple Interface

A simple and intuitive interface allows even non-technical people to create content and manage key aspects of Grav.


Define custom page structures with YAML blueprints, and you can even create plugins to extend the admin panel.

Advanced Forms

Grav features advanced form capabilities allowing you to develop sophisticated admin panels and configuration interfaces.

All the Features you Need

Because Grav is a flat-file CMS, you don't need the admin, so the admin panel only provides the features you need.


You can take advantage of the admin panel on a variety of devices, not just your desktop computer.

One-Click Installs and Updates

The admin panel allow for easy installation of plugins and themes as well as easy one-click updates.

Meaningful Statistics

Get a quick snapshot of how your site is doing with built-in usage statistics chart in the dashboard.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think Grav is a good alternative to Batflat.


With Automad you can manage content easier than ever. Automad is a file-based content management and template engine that allow you to create fast website without the need of a database. Instead all content is stored in human readable text files which makes it easy to put a whole site under version control with Git. The elegant admin panel provided by Automad includes a block editor and the in-page editing capability. You can also extend the core of Automad by creating your own packages or making use of the once already created by the community.

Elegant Dashboard

The elegant dashboard including the block editor and the in-page edit mode provide a convenient and intuitive way of editing pages with Automad.


With Automad, all content is stored in human readable text files which makes it easy to put a whole site under version control. No database is required to store, fetch and read data and content.

Search & Tagging

While being file based, database features like searching and tagging are still a fundamental feature and directly implemented in the core.

Multi-layer Caching

Automade provides an advanced multi-layer caching engine that makes your site super fast, regardless of hardware.

Flexible Template Engine

The flexible and secure template engine included with Automad let's inexperienced designers create beautiful themes that presents content and data in a sound manner.

Headless API

The included headless mode turns Automad into a CMS that makes content accessible via a read-only JSON API

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think Automad is a good alternative to Batflat.


Statamic is a flat file based content management system written in PHP. With Statamic you can build better and faster websites that are easy to manage. Statamic features over 40 field types, drag & drop navigation builder, revision and content history, inline content editing, asset management, plugin architecture and real-time collaboration that makes content management a breeze.

Commercial & Open Source
👍 Most people think Statamic is a good alternative to Batflat.


Flextype is super fast headless content management system with an elegant architecture and built-in smart cache.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think Flextype is a good alternative to Batflat.


WonderCMS is the smallest flat file content management system. The CMS is built with PHP and has been developed since 2008. No initial configuration required to setup the WonderCMS, the installation is straight forward and simply requires you to unzip and upload 5 files.All data within WonderCMS is structured as JSON format and the flat file nature of the content management system also allow you to migrate hosts easily by transfering files across, no database migration required.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think WonderCMS is a good alternative to Batflat.


Wagtail is a free and open-source CMS built on-top of Django and Python. The CMS is built by developers and for developers and provides a configuration-less solution to content management. Wagtail plays nicely with your existing tech, especially if that stack utilze Python and the Django web framework. Wagtail can be installed as a package in existing Django application and extends the Django Admin to be more suited for content management.

Free & Open Source


An open-source tool for managing content across all your omni-channel digital experiences. Directus is free and open-source headless CMS written in PHP, that takes a data first approach. Developers and content creators use Directus to manage content and generate a powerful API that can be used by any frontend technology. Directus can be self-hosted and is absolutely free.

Free & Open Source


Strapi is a free and open source headless CMS developed with JavaScript for Node.js. The software makes it really simple to generate REST and GraphQL APIs. Simply create your database schema and relationships in the Strapi admin panel UI, and Strapi will auto-generate API endpoints to represent the data structures provided. Strapi comes packed with features you come to expect from normal CMS's such as authentication, authorization, content management and a media library. The software can be used for free and can be self-hosted on any server and platform. Extra enterpise functionallity is currently being developed, and will be sold at cost.

Build Headless APIs

Building self-hosted, customizable, and performant content APIs has never been easier.

Open Source

Forever. The entire codebase is available on GitHub and maintained by hundreds of contributors.


Easily customize the admin panel as well as the API. Extend your content management with custom plugins, in seconds.

RESTful or GraphQL

Consume the API from any client (React, Vue, Angular, Svelte), mobile apps or even IoT devices, using REST or GraphQL.


Don’t give up on data privacy or lock yourself in. Keep control of your data and your costs at all time.

Freemium & Open Source


The Mura CMS platform makes it easier & faster to build and update websites. The content management system was created to free content managers from distraction of multiple tools, the worry of steep learning curves, and a clear need to tell the right story, to the right audience, at the right time. Mura is loved by content managers, content contributors, marketers and developers alike.

Free & Open Source

CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is a free and open-source content management system that offers an easy to use interface for end users, while maintaining a powerful backend for developers. CMS Made Simple is written in PHP and got an extensive API and custom modules. The CMS also utilize the Smarty templating engine that can be used to customize sites with HTML, CSS and PHP.

Free & Open Source

Information found on this page is crowd-sourced by the community and contains the most agreed upon Batflat alternatives. You can use this information to find similar software to Batflat with various pricing options, licenses and for specific platforms. Anyone that have used Batflat can suggest alternatives, vote on the accuracy of other users claims, and help more people is the process of doing so.

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