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In this list you'll find 20 ElephantSQL alternatives. You can also filter ElephantSQL alternatives by Open Source and Proprietary licenses, and various platforms including Windows , macOS , Linux , Android , iOS , Web , Self-Hosted , PaaS , JavaScript , Python , Node.js , BSD , C++ , DaaS and Solaris to narrow down your search.

Heroku Postgres

Heroku Postgres is an SQL database as a service.

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MemSQL is a free and open-source all-in-one relation database management system. The database lends itself for operational analytics and AI/ML-powered applications that requires fast data ingest, high performance queries and elastic scaling. MemSQL supports ANSI SQL and blended workloads, commonly referred to as translytical, HTAP, HOAP, and ATP workloads. The developer MemSQL Inc, also provides commercially hosted version of the database called MemSQL Helios, a cloud database-as-a-service.

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Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a non-relational NoSQL database trusted by leading enterprises globally. With Azure Cosmos DB you can run No-ETL analytics over real-time operational data and run near-real time analytics and AI on the operational data within your NoSQL database, to reduce time to insight.

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Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. The database is fully managed, multiregion, multimaster, and durable with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching for enterprise-scale applications. Amazon DynamoDB is part of Amazon Web Services and integrates well with other cloud-based AWS products.

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PostgreSQL, or Postgres for short is a widely popular, free and open-source relational database management system. PostgreSQL is available for all major operating systems including macOS, Linux, Windows, BSD and Solaris. The project has been in active development for over 30 years now, and powers many of the applications you use on a daily basis.

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ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real time.

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RxDB is short for Reactive Database and is a NoSQL-database for JavaScript Applications like Websites, hybrid Apps, Electron-Apps, Progressive Web Apps and NodeJs. Reactive means that you can not only query the current state, but subscribe to all state changes like the result of a query or even a single field of a document. This is great for UI-based realtime applications in way that makes it easy to develop and also has great performance benefits. To replicate data between your clients and server, RxDB provides modules for realtime replication with any CouchDB compliant endpoint and also with custom GraphQL endpoints.


HSQLDB is a relational database engine written in Java, with a JDBC driver, conforming to ANSI SQL:2016. It's the best for Java developers for development, testing and deployment of database applications. HSQLDB provides a small, fast, multithreaded engine and server with memory and disk tables, LOBs, transaction isolation, multiversion concurrency and ACID.


VoltDB is a blazingly fast NewSQL database management system that is specifically designed to run on modern scale-out architectures - fast, inexpensive servers connected via high-speed data networks. VoltDB is a popular choice for companies with high data throughput requirements, like in the telecommunications industry. 5G has changed the game for telcos, and new rules call for a new way of managing data. VoltDB is built for today’s massive data volume and complexity, allowing businesses to survive and thrive in the age of 5G, IoT, and whatever comes next.


Cockroach is a distributed key/value datastore that allow you to build, scale and manage modern, data-intensive applications. The database delivers distributed SQL by combining the familiarity of relational data with limitless, elastic cloud scale and bulletproof resilience. Correct data is a must for mission-critical and even the most common applications. CockroachDB provides guaranteed ACID compliant transactions, allowing you to fully trust your data.


ElephantSQL provides open-source PostgreSQL database, hosted in the cloud.

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