M1 Finance

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a unique robo-advising applicaition that combines the power of technology with the personalized touch of human financial advisors. The applicati uses individualized mixes of stocks and bonds to create the perfect combination of assets based on your goals and risk tolerance. M1 Finance the concept of "pies" to describe your portfolio, each individual pie can have up to 100 “slices,” each of which represents an individual stock or ETF.

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Betterment is a financial application that allow people to spend, save and invest better. The Betterment application provides you with a personal investment account that can be used to invest in stocks and bonds. While also providing credit card and online bank account that can be used for long-time savings and tracking of purchases. To-date over 500,000 people have trust Betterment with over 21 billion USD.

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