Substance Painter Alternatives

Substance Painter Alternatives

Substance Painter is 3D painting software developed by Adobe. With Substance Painter, you can easily work with smart materials, smart masks and integrated bakers, in a state of the art real-time viewport. Substance Painter is brings that Phot.. read more.

According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to Substance Painter is Quixel Mixer which is both commercial and proprietary. Other highly recommended applications include ArmorPaint (Free) , Autodesk Mudbox (Commercial) and Blender (Free).
In total people have suggested 13 alternatives to Substance Painter that share similarities by use case and feature set.

Quixel Mixer

Quixel Mixer is an all-in-one 3D texturing tool that is known for being extremely fun and easy to use. With Quixel Mixer, you can load mesh data, apply smart materials and 3D paint the finishing touches, allowing to get a unique result. When it comes to creating materials, Quixel Mixer got you covered as well. Mix sculpting, painted layers and produce procedural masks with Quixel's Megascans Library. A vast library containing scans from earthly materials collected from all across the globe.

Commercial & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Quixel Mixer is a good alternative to Substance Painter.


ArmorPaint is a a free 3D painting software specifically designed for physically-based texture painting. With ArmorPaint, you can paint with fully procedural materials, build fill layers with material nodes and use brush nodes to create patterns and procedural brushes. ArmorPaint supports up to 16K texture painting in seamless fashion using high-end graphics cards, which produce stunning results.

Free & Proprietary
👍 Most people think ArmorPaint is a good alternative to Substance Painter.

Autodesk Mudbox

With Autodesk Mudbox, you can create beautiful 3D characters and environments. Autodesk Mudbox is a 3D digital sculpting and painting software that allows you to sculpt and paint highly detailed geometry and textures. The software is available for macOS and Windows and provides an intuitive and tactile toolset that is enjoyed by many 3D artists.

Commercial & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Autodesk Mudbox is a good alternative to Substance Painter.


Blender is a free and open-source 3D model software released under the GNU General Public License. The software can be used for 3D modeling, 3D animation, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, skinning, rendering, particle generation, water simulation and much more.

Free & Open Source
👍 Most people think Blender is a good alternative to Substance Painter.


ZBrush sets the industry standard for digital sculpting and painting. It's an art tool created by artists, for artists, that allows you to create 3D objects, manipulate, scale, rotate and move as well as performing Boolean add, subtract and cut operations on them. ZBrush is used across industries by film studios, game developers, toy/collectible makers, jewelry designers, automotive designers, aviation designers, illustrators, advertisers, scientists and more.  

Commercial & Proprietary
👍 Most people think ZBrush is a good alternative to Substance Painter.


Mari is a professional 3D painting software without limits, combining the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools that make the most of your creativity. With Mari, you can create amazing high-resolution digital 3D paintings and textures.

👍 Most people think Mari is a good alternative to Substance Painter.


3DCoat is that provides all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model. With 3DCoat, artists and designers can enjoy features for fast and friendly UV Mapping, east texturing and PBR, among other tools nessesary for 3D and texture painting.

Commercial & Proprietary

Adobe Photoshop

The world most popular raster graphics editor, Adobe Photoshop is used for photo editing and graphic design professionals to make their creations come to life. Photoshop is developed and published by Adobe Inc, and is available for iOS, macOS and Windows.

Commercial & Proprietary


PaintCube is a web-based 3D painting software used for texture painting. With PaintCube you can create, import and export textures for your 3D models and use familiar painting tools that let you paint directly onto your models in 3D space allowing a seamless UV workflow.

Commercial & Proprietary

Material Maker

Cross-platform, procedural texture generation tool.

How Are These Substance Painter Alternatives Generated?

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