Yandex Alternatives

Yandex Alternatives

Yandex is a search engine that helps you quickly find the information you need.  Since 1997, the Russian search engine have delivered world-class, locally relevant search and information services to people world wide. It provides robust&.. read more.

According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to Yandex is CC Search which is both free and open source. Other highly recommended applications include (Free) , Search Encrypt (Free) and Mojeek (Free).
In total people have suggested 11 alternatives to Yandex that share similarities by use case and feature set.

CC Search

A search engine dedicated to CC licensed images. With CC Search you can specify and filter by aspect ratio, image size, filte type and license (CC0, BY, BY-SA, BY-NC, BY-ND, BY-NC-SA, BY-NC-ND or Public Domain) to find an image specific to your usecase. 

Free & Open Source is an encrypted proxy-based private search engine without any logging and with auditable code. The privacy-focused search engine is a collaborative venture between Private Internet Access and GigaBlast. is one of the few US-based search engines that maintain its own index of more than a billion pages.

Free & Open Source

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a privacy focused search engine that uses local encryption to ensure that your identifiable information cannot be tracked. Search Encrypt gets its results from a network of search partners, providing well-rounded results that aren’t personalized to your history. After 15 minutes of inactivity with Search Encrypt, the search engine automatically erases your search history, allowing you to not worry about privacy concerns when other people access the search engine from the same computer.

Free & Proprietary


Mojeek is privacy focused search engine built from the ground up. Unlike many other meta search engines like DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and Startpage, Mojeek index web pages on their own servers, and rank them according to their own algorithm. Mojeek has gone from a personal project to a search engine that index and ranks over two billion pages across the internet.

Free & Open Source


Qwant is a EU-based search engine that respects your privacy by providing search results without tracking or user profiling. The search engine is built in France and index and ranks web pages with its own technology and algorithms without collecting personal data. This allows users to ensure confidentiality of their searches and privacy protection under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when using Qwant.

Free & Proprietary


SearX is a decentralized, non-commercial and privacy-respecting metasearch engine that aggregates results from more than 70 search services. With SearX, users can enjoy the power of search engines without being profiled and tracked. The distributed nature of searX allow anyone to run an instance of the software, hosted for everyone to use. SearX is released free and open-source under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.

Free & Open Source


Ecosia is a search engine that uses parts of its profits to plant trees world-wide, to improve global CO2 emissions. When using Ecosia as your search engine you get a tree score for each individual search. On average you need around 45 searches to plant a tree!



Startpage is a search engine that deliver tools that can help you stay in control of your personal data and protect your privacy while searching online. Startpage does not save, share or sell your personal data, nor does it use third-party cookies and trackers. The search engine gets its results from Google Search, which it pays for with the help of search keyword related ads provided when using Startpage.

Free & Proprietary


DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused internet search engine that does not profile its users and shows all users the same results. When using DuckDuckGo you can be sure that your query results are net generated in a personalized search result bubble. DuckDuckGo is free to use and does not store your search history, the advertisement done on the platform is based on keywords only.

Free & Proprietary


Bing is a web search engine created by Microsoft. Much like Google Search, Bing provides a variety of services including web search, video search, image search and maps related products. With Bing, users can search the web in a quick and refined manner. All results are indexed and ranked by Bing on Microsft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Free & Proprietary

Google Search

With Google Search you can search for information from webpages, images, videos and more. Google Search is the world's most popular search engine and dominates the search market with close to 90% market share. In the early days of search, Google was able to provide better results than its competitors, thanks to its Google Page Rank algorithm. The algorithm focused on calculating relevancy through backlinks found online. Today, Google's ranking algorithm includes over 200 major signals to establish site authority and ranking.

Free & Proprietary

How Are These Yandex Alternatives Generated?

Information found on this page is crowd-sourced by the community and contains the most agreed upon Yandex alternatives. You can use this information to find similar software to Yandex for specific platforms with various pricing options and licenses. Anyone that have previously used Yandex can suggest alternatives, vote on the accuracy of other users claims, and help more people in the process of doing so.

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