Software for Java

Magnolia CMS Magnolia CMS

Magnolia CMS is the superior headless content management solution for a reliable DX platform. With Magnolia you can unify your content and create data-driven, omnichannel experience.


OpenCMS is based on Java and XML technology that allows you to build highly customizable and interactive websites and portals. The open-source content management system includes a WYSIWYG editor and fully-featured Template Engine which is fully compliant with W3C standards.

dotCMS dotCMS

A hybrid content management system that includes classic CMS and Headless CMS features. With dotCMS content managers can create content that fuels the brand experience. The API-first approach provided by the headless part of dotCMS allows developers to build extremely fast front-ends with popular third-party front-end framework and deliver content optimally. The content management system allows content creators to build engaging and memorable content that can be reused across sites.

QuestDB QuestDB

QuestDB is a relational column-oriented time series database designed for real-time analytics on time series and event data. It uses the SQL language and include extensions for time series data. QuestDB is released as free and open source software and distributed as a single binary including a trimmed version of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) weighing in at only 24.5 MB.

Play Framework Play Framework

A framework designed to make it easy to build web applications with Java & Scala.  The Play Framework is is based on a lightweight, stateless, web-friendly architecture that follows a model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. While providing predictable and minimal resource consumption (CPU, memory, threads) suitable for highly-scalable applications.  Play is written in Scala and can be used for all programming languages that can be compiled into JVM bytecode.

Grails Grails

Grails is powerful Groovy-based web application framework for the JVM built on top of Spring Boot.

JDownloader JDownloader

JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more.

BuddyCloud BuddyCloud

Buddycloud is an open source project that helps developers add chat, video and social features to their app without being locked into a proprietary solution. With BuddyCloud it's easy to build communities that facilitates rich communication. The open-source toolset is written in Java and is designed to scale well and save you your team time, when building an online community.

Vaadin Vaadin

Vaadin is an open-source framework for web application development. The framework allows you to write UI 100% in Java without having to write extra HTML, CSS and JS. Vaadin apps run on the server and handle all communication automatically and securely.

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