Most Performant Web Framework Written in Python

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A modern, fast and highly-performant web framework written in Python. With FastAPI developers can quickly build APIs with performance on par with Node.js and Go thanks to Starlette and Pydantic.

FastAPI integrates well with OAuth 2.0 and external providers.
With FastAPI it's easy to build a GraphQL API with the help of the python library graphene-python.
Since FastAPI is relatively new framework, the community is quiet small. Even though FastAPI provides great documentation and a wide variety of example projects, it can be hard to find external educational information like books, course and tutorials.

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Flask Flask

Flask is a micro framework framework written in Python that can be used to build APIs, web services and web applications. Flask is designed from the bottom up to be extremely minimal and easy to use, where your whole application can fit into one single Python file. The framework includes no database abstraction layer, form validation, or any other components, by design. However pre-existing third-party libraries provide common functionality needed to build production ready applications and services.

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Django Django

Django is a high-level Python web development framework used for building web application at scale with speed. The framework adhere to a clean and pragmatic design that lets developers develop rapidly. Django ships as a "batteries included" framework and contains many of the features needed for most web applications such as an admin panel, an ORM and templating language. It takes much of the hassle out of web development and lets developers focus on writing their application instead of focusing on authentication, authorization and security.

Django comes with an admin panel that is automatically created around your database and models. Allowing you to quickly add, delete and edit data in your database. This is handy from early on in development to management of production applications.
Django has one of the biggest and friendliest communities in web development. If you have a question you can always find the answer on stackoverflow, tutorials, blog posts or in various community channels.
Django takes security seriously and includes prevention mechanisms for common attack vectors like Cross-site request forgery (CSRF), SQL Injections and XSS attacks.

Pyramid Pyramid

Pyramid is a web framework written in Python that makes it easy to write applications for the web. With Pyramid, you can start small and finish big. Pyramid offers many features suited for writing both simple and complex software, while providing clear structure as your application grows. Since 1995, the Pyramid team has stayed devoted to professional craftmenship with a deep commitment to quality, which is seen throughout the Pyramid framework and the developer experience and workflow it provide for developers. Pyramid is released free and open-source under the Zope Public License (ZPL) Version 2.1.

Falcon Falcon

The Falcon Web Framework is a free and open-source application framework written in Python.