Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Recommendations: 15 | Last Updated: May 1, 2022 (1ย year, 9ย months)

Linode Linode

Linode provides cloud computing that developers trust. With Linode developers and DevOps teams can setup simple, affordable, and accessible Linux cloud solutions.

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UpCloud UpCloud

UpCloud is a European cloud server provider located in Helsinki, Finland. UpCloud offers faster-than-SSD performance reaching 100,000 IOPS and 100% uptime SLA. With UpCloud you can quickly and easily spin up self-managed cloud instances for as low as $5/month. The performance oriented cloud servers provided by UpCloud allow you and your team to focus on managing the server and building your product, without having to worry about the infrastructure ever again.

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DigitalOcean DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a global cloud infrastructure provider with industry-low bandwidth pricing, and with generous quotas and add-on transfer at just $.01/GiB. With DigitalOcean you can run infrastructure near your customers and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple servers. DigitalOcean is loved by developers and business across the globe, and is currently the third-largest hosting company for web-facing applications.

DigitalOcean provides affordable virtual private servers at a predictable pricing model. The cheapest VPS (Droplet) provided by DigitalOcean starts at $5/month ($0.00744/hour) for 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU with 25 GB SSD Disk and 1000 GB of bandwidth transfer.

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Cloudways Cloudways

Cloudways is a one-click managed cloud hosting platform that offers cloud application and server management solutions so that you can automate operations and manage your websites with ease, for as low as $10 only!

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Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a development tools and cloud hosting provider from Microsoft. With Azure, you can radically simplifying cloud development and DevOps. WIth Microsoft Azure portal can build, manage, and monitor all Azure products in a single, unified console. Allowing you to focus on building and managing your products rather than building piplines and hosting on-premise server.

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HostGator HostGator

HostGator is a leading provider of web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Discover why over 9,000,000 websites trust us for their hosting needs.

Hostinger Hostinger

Hostinger is a trusted, employee owned web hosting provider with over 29 million customers across the globe. With Hostinger it's easy to setup and run your servers, websites and web applications. The Hostinger Panel is extremely user-friendly and can be used by seasoned developers and those with little experience alike.

Deno Deploy Deno Deploy

With Deno Deploy you can quickly setup a globally distributed JavaScript VM. Allowing you to run JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly at the edge, worldwide. Deno Deploy deeply integrates the V8 JavaScript runtime with a high performance asynchronous web server to provide optimal performance without unnecessary intermediate abstractions. Simply use your GitHub account to sign up and push your code into production in a matter of seconds.

Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud service provide that lets you build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google.


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 for short is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. EC2 is an Amazon Web Services offering that is designed to improve the way developer deploy and scale web applications.