Yandex.Metrica Alternatives

Yandex.Metrica Alternatives

Yandex.Metrica is a free web analytics service provided by the Russian internet giant Yandex. With Yandex.Metrica administrators and web masters can monitor and track website traffic to gain valuble insight about user behaviour. This data can then be u.. read more.

According to people there are many software similar to it, and the best alternative to Yandex.Metrica is Google Analytics which is both free and proprietary. Other highly recommended applications include Microsoft Clarity (Free) , Adobe Analytics (Commercial) and Zoho Analytics .
In total people have suggested 42 alternatives to Yandex.Metrica that share similarities by use case and feature set.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the world's leading analytics platform for web and application tracking. With Google Analytics, website and application owners can track user behaviour across their sites or applications, free of charge. Google Analytics provides valuable insight, like how long a visitor stays on page, what country it is from, what type of device it is using, and what links and pages the user it is interacting with. This data can then be used by domain owners and developers to improve content, navigation and structure of site to ultimately provide a better experience for the end user.

Free & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Google Analytics is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a free GDPR compliant analytics tool for websites and applications. With Microsoft Clarity you can get engagement metrics, website performance data and debugging information that gives you an idea of how to improve web pages and user experience. The privacy focused nature of Microsoft Clarity allows publisher to obtain actionable data without violating their visitors privacy.


Free & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Microsoft Clarity is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading solution that empowers you to understand your customers as people and steer your business with customer intelligence. With Adobe Analytics you can gain valuable insight on how users behave and use on your platform, and extract information that can be used for decision making that can improve your ROI. The Adobe Analytics service is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud offering.

Commercial & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Adobe Analytics is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI, reporting and analytics software which helps you create dashboards and analyze data. Sign up free.
👍 Most people think Zoho Analytics is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.


Matomo is the ethical alternative to Google Analytics that does not sacrifices user privacy. The web analytics platform provided by Matomo guarantees 100% data ownership and is provided as a free and open source self-hosted solution or a commercially managed service by Matomo itself.

Free , Commercial & Open Source
👍 Most people think Matomo is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.


A simple and privacy-conscious alaternative for Google Analytics. Plausible can be used to track website traffic while still respecting user privacy. The plausable tracking script is 45 times smaller than that of Google Analytics which provides faster load times for you users visiting the website. Plausible is also fully comliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR as it does not use cookies for tracking website activity.

Commercial & Open Source
👍 Most people think Plausible is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a website optimization tool that allow you to monitor your users with heatmaps, scrollmaps, click reports and A/B testing. With Crazy Egg you can know with certainty you picked the correct content placement, color, image, or copy. While heatmaps and session reccordings provide valuble insight into your users behaviour, allowing you to improve the architecture of your website to accomodate visitors better.

Commercial & Proprietary
👍 Most people think Crazy Egg is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.


A simple, light-weight, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics. With Fathom website owners can ethically track their users behaviour and make sound business decisions quickly. Fathom doesn’t collect any personal data and is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, as the software does not use cookies to track user behaviour.

Commercial & Open Source
👍 Most people think Fathom is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.


Kindmetrics is a strictly privacy-focused analytics tool to help you find referrers and measure good content quickly. A more excellent way to dig into your visitors without the visitors giving their data to big enterprises.

Commercial & Open Source
👍 Most people think Kindmetrics is a good alternative to Yandex.Metrica.


Track your customers' web and mobile activity, forms, emails, support tickets and more, all in one place with customer analytics. Analyze and take action.


Easiest way to request reviews for any website, receive direct customer feedback and reduce negative reviews!

Easily search, segmentize, and replay high-quality session replay to analyze customer's behaviour across your sites and apps.

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